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Professional Communication Series

This series of three communications modules is the core curriculum for professional development and programs are usually one-month in length with sessions weekly. Each can be customized to be valuable for people at all levels of your organization.

Effective Writing for Professionals

Participants learn the eight elements of quality writing and the seven main purposes for written communication. They work on practice memos, letters and reports in everyday business applications. Samples from their specific correspondences are used to customize the practice sessions and participants are encouraged to bring sample correspondence to the session. For hands-on applications, participants should bring samples of their written materials that are representative of what they are currently doing.

Reading for Comprehension and Speed

Most professionals can double or triple their reading speed with eye-strengthening and the right techniques. The key is also improving comprehension at the same time. Participants are taught and then practice the essential skimming and scanning techniques that will significantly increase their speed and comprehension. This is great for students and anyone who has to read a lot on the job.

Time Management Essentials

Assess your use of time and your methods of managing time to produce better results professionally, and as a result, personally. Identify your key time savers and time wasters. Develop a simple plan to optimize the use of your time on the job and discover strategies for making each day more productive now and in the future.