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Learning to Influence Series (LTI)

Learning to Influence (LTI) starts with trust and goes from learning to influence. LtI is a three-part series full of real-life examples of how to influence your boss, customers, friends, spouses, parents, kids, in-laws - anyone you want. Discover how to build trust. Find out how people learn best. Get a handle on how to use the right tools to create true influence.

Part I: Dealing with Difficult People & Tough Situations

Discover the three keys to influencing others. Learn specific language and non-verbal tools to build trust and improve your communications skills. Learn how to defuse any difficult situation and how to make the most out of mistakes and problems to create positive working relationships. Develop useful techniques for making others more responsive to you and your communications efforts both personally and professionally!

Part II: Guiding New Dimensions of Trust & Influence

Discover how to build rapport and develop new dimensions of trust and influence with others. Learn how to communicate more effectively with key people in your life using three key communication channels. Discover useful language and non-verbal techniques for making others more responsive to you and your ideas. Create more positive working relationships in sales and services situations, as well as in your most special relationships!

Part III: Creating Influence & Closing Skills

Discover how to develop your problem solving and decision making skills. Learn specific language techniques to guide people through four levels of understanding to influence. Discover special questions that create agreements and guide others effectively. Discover how to close in sales and service situations and develop a sense of completion that builds more trust and creates lasting relationships.