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Leadership and Management Development

Module 1: Leadership Overview

This hands-on session has a focus on situational leadership, a practical tool for every day leadership and management. Discover the four stages of the growth and development of a leader and a team on the way to peak performance.

Module 2: Team Building & Coaching

One of the greatest challenges as a leader or coach is the development of others. Discover numerous practical applications with game-based components that guarantee involvement and learning.

Module 3: Strategic and Operational Planning

Discover how strategy is linked to tactics and build a strategic planning process that includes a vision of the future, a mission statement, core values, driving forces, positioning, strategic goals, SMART objectives, and action planning for success.

Module 4: Learning to Influence (Part 1)

Discover the three keys to influencing others. Learn specific language and non-verbal tools to build trust and improve your communications skills. Learn how to defuse any difficult situation and how to make the most out of mistakes and problems to create positive working relationships. Develop useful techniques for making others more responsive to you and your communications efforts both personally and professionally!

Module 5: Managing Conflict Effectively

Experience how to become more versatile in conflict management techniques. Discover how conflict can be both "good" and "bad" and learn how to expand your choices when responding to conflict. Explore the six primary causes of conflict and find out how to identify them easily. Learn the five major conflict management styles, and assess your own preferred style.

Module 6: Secrets of Motivation

Discover three main internal motivators that drive your behaviors, performance, and the performance of others. Identify key motivational techniques you can use to tap into the five key external motivators...the Satisfiers! Discover strategies for making people more motivated and productive.

Module 7: Decision-Making & Problem Solving

Discover how to develop your problem solving and decision making skills. Participants will learn the four key elements of critical thinking, the three key elements of creative thinking, and will apply these elements to personal and professional situations. Learn specific techniques to guide people through higher levels of understanding to comprehension and influence.

Modules 8 & 9: Change, Excellence & Quality

Learn the six stages of change and why people resist change. Identify moments of truth with both internal and external customers and key result areas for improvement. Develop action plans to measure and exceed expectations Discover the fundamentals of quality and learn assessment tools you can use to assess your organization's commitment to and readiness for quality.

Module 10: Time & Stress Management

Discover time wasters and time savers and plan how to manage your time for the highest and best uses. Assess your stress levels and discover strategies for handling stress. Practice three key methods for managing stress successfully and living a happier, healthier, more productive life.